Here are my Secret tips to keep yourself physically fit,

  1. Have the habit of waking up earlier (5.00am to 5.30am),
  2. Drink 4 glasses of water immediately after you woke-up,
  3. Avoid checking social media, WhatsApp after woke up,
  4. Eat something in the morning and get ready for the gym or go for running,
  5. Eat healthily breakfast always, but don’t skip any day,
  6. In a break have the snack of eating fruits, veggies,
  7. Avoid eating foods outside, prepare or prefer only homemade foods for a healthy life,
  8. Avoid eating fried foods, oily foods, bakery items, junk foods,
  9. Keep yourself a plan with your friends for a weekend like trekking, outdoor sports, etc,
  10. Avoid taking an intake of sugar,
  11. Have the habit of following breathing exercise, if not learn n do it for the relax, lowers your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and etc,
  12. If you find stairs and escalator both, choose stair steps,
  13. Avoid sitting for a long time in an office, have the habit of stretching & moving around every 45 mins to 1 hour,
  14. Hydrate yourself every 45 to 1 hour to avoid unnecessary headaches.
  15. Sleep right on time every day and wake up the same time every day,
  16. Avoid heavy meals after 8:00 pm,
  17. If you are not a gym-goerat least do this to keep yourself fit, 30 push-ups every day, 30 pull-ups every day, do 50 to 100 free squats every day and if you are a beginner start with low count and increase it daily,
  18. Register events like a marathon if you get a chance,
  19. Register free events at Decathlon for physical fitness,
  20. Last but not least, Sleep right, eat right!!! You are what to eat and what you do!

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Bonus: with protein

  1. Avoid masturbation!!!
  2. Grow positive thoughts,
  3. Believe in yourself,
  4. Smile more,
  5. Get Motivated

Good Luck…….

————— Love Yourself!!!


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